Miami Logistics Companies

22 Jan by admin

Miami Logistics Companies

Miami Logistics companies are abundant. Every freight forwarding company in Miami claims to be a logistics company, some trucking companies claim to be logistics companies.

If you look up logistics, you find the definition as follows: the detailed coordination of a complex operation involving many people, facilities, or supplies.

Logistics is a broad terms. It includes many activities such as freight forwarding, warehousing, storage and much more. Some freight forwarding companies offer many logistics services, others stick to the basics.

They focus on their core business which is shipping. Some logistics companies, on the other hand, focus on warehousing and distribution while still offering ocean freight and inland freight services.

Having a logistics company that can truly offer end to end logistics solutions is very rare in Miami. There are many horror stories about freight forwarders getting involved in order fulfillment, distribution and all the other activities that go along with being a logistics company.

Role of Logistics Companies:

Logistics manages the flow of supplies to match the needs of the producer with the schedule of sales to customers.  Logistics coordinates the flow of information, providing feedback about sales, financing when due, and the delivery of product from various suppliers.  With the increase in global sources of suppliers as well as global consumer markets, the use of logistics to coordinate production and distribution is growing in importance.

Logistics companies should offer integrated solutions not just solutions, the customer should have total visibility to all parts of the transactions provided by the Logistics Company.

Miami boasts easy access to every market in Central America, South America, and the Caribbean. It has rich cultural ties to those regions, a complete banking industry that supports International businesses and a strong transportation infrastructure with inter-modal connections that are constantly growing, therefore Miami has a geographic advantage that translates into vast volumes of international trade. With the right choice, Miami logistics companies can help you grow your business without the cost.